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Throat worms???

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm 2 Comments

Customer: " I have worms in my throat."

Pharmacy God: " Excuse me, I didn't hear what you said."

Customer: " I have worms in my throat."

PG: " Oh....... how did they get there?"

Customer: " My doctors are trying to kill me. They put the worms in my throat."

PG: " How did your doctor put worms in your throat?"

Customer: " They've been there for years. They are attacking my voice box. Can you see them? They're crawling up from my stomach right now."

In all of my years of pharmacy, I've worked in many different neighborhoods (usually only a day or two to cover vacations, but enough to be exposed to a variety of patients). I've worked in slums where I had an armed guard escort me from the pharmacy to my car in the parking lot. I've worked in pharmacies that were located next to strip clubs. I've worked in the inner city where every other patient is a hooker or IV drug abuser. I've also worked in several nice areas. I would say that I have seen just about the entire spectrum of patients.

I have never been as afraid of a patient as this little 110-pound woman. 400-pound men wigged out on cocaine couldn't scare me as much as this woman.

That's it. I was just thinking back on some of the freaks I've seen over the years and this woman came to mind.

Let's just say that she would NOT be a contender in a beauty contest. Something in honor of an arbitrary holiday like HOT PHARMACIST DAY.

Keep sending in your photos. I've received several entries, but are you hotter?

Remember that the competition is open world-wide to pharmacists, techs, students.... anybody involved in pharmacy. Send your photos to With all of the Halloween parties that are going on, I'm sure that there are a few pharmacy people who will be looking hot. Why not send in your photo and see if you will win?
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It is sad when people or doctors don't listen or rather really pay attention.  I have worms that have been coming up my throat, and I never take drugs, am allergic to alcohol, but regardless of my allergy I'm now combatting them full force as they recently started crawling into my nose.  I used to eat bread at night or keep a soda by the bed when they started crawling up my throat, now I'm forgetting my allergy and attacking them full force with the highest percentage of alcohol I can get, after the alcohol, I eat the bread and that seems to keep them from rising.  However I'm hoping this parasitic cleanse will help me out.  Labs are worthless, they rarely are effective at testing positive for worms.  I know, I've had the tests, only to have the darn things come out in my stools.  I'm now putting them in jars of white vinegar to bring them for verification, identification and proof.  I'm at the suiing stage now, for lack of quality care in the medical field.  Animals shouldn't be the only ones to get over the counter deworming meds.  People aught to as well, when people sit there with parasites they give them to their spouses and their children who in turn give them to other children in daycares, contaminate our water supply, and soil.  It has not been taken care of in the US because I think the almighty dollar has become more paramount.  No longer do physicians honor their vows, they treat the after effects once the person gets hyperglycemia, diabetis, kidney disease, chrones, and so forth.  IT IS REDICULOUS that I'm having to treat myself because physicians have forgotten their vows!!! Do you know how disgusting it is to get worms to the extent that they are coming up your throat into your nose????? AWEFUL!!!!!!!!1
i believe you and am so glad you said this...the same thing is happening to me...i feel them in my throat and swallow them back down but they keep coming up. ive told everyone im close to and my mom thinks im crazy, literally. my dad just shrugs and says idk what to tell you and everyone just doesnt listen but they go up my throat and in my nose and i think they even go higher...ive felt strange things in my head and get headaches, earaches, stomach and intestinal pains and constipation. i smell putrid smells and taste the same its gross... i feel them everywhere in my body. its gotten so bad that one night i felt them in my balls and thought i was gonna not be able to have kids and started balling for like 3 hours and finally my dad told yelled at me to go to is the most horrifying experience i have ever had to deal with and being denied and not trusted by everyone im close to makes it 10x worse...ive gotten x rays and blood work, havent gotten my stool sample yet but i have a feeling its gonna come back negative and i wont get prescribed meds...have a doctors appt tommorow and im gonna STRESS everything ive been feeling and if she doesnt give me meds im gonna freak this point, from some of the utterly disturbing things im feeling, i think i would rather be crazy than know i actually have these worms..cuz either i am crazy...or these things are REALLY malicious. yea if this gets any worse i think i would rather be dead altogether!
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