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ThreeFour Doctors Won Awards at the Philippine Blog Awards ‘08 (UPDATED)

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:02am

I’m not sure if everybody’s aware that, in the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards 2008, there are three four doctors who were recognized and given awards for their notable contributions to the Philippine blogosphere.  

These are:

Dr. Mark Manguerra(more affectionately called Doc Manggy or Manggy) ofNo Special Effects

No Special Effects, PBA ‘08 Best Food and Beverage Blog

Who says a doctor’s life revolves only around the art and science of medicine?  Doc Manggy is not only a physician, but also a designer, a food lover, and an adventurer of sorts.  Also, I heard that he’ll be cooking up a feast next time the TBR bloggers meet up.  Hehe.  :)  If I’m not mistaken, he also co-writes No Special Effects with Graeme, a second-year student at the University of Lincoln.  It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t able to attend the PBA, as I would love to see him in person.

Atheista, PBA ‘08 Best Personal Blog

Do I really need to introduce this guy?  Oh well… :)

Benj is currently a medical clerk (specifically, a MICU clerk, based on his plurk name) at PGH, a debater, and (according to him) a rockstar.  But more than that, I believe he is more well-known for being an assertive and outspoken individual who’ll fight strongly for what he believes in.  And perhaps, this is the most noticeable characteristic of his blog posts that makes him one of the most visible bloggers in the blogging community.  And yeah, he likes doing TV too.  :)

And, the third medical doctor to have won an award at the PBA is… me!  :)

Prudence, M.D.’s “The Problem of R.A. 9439“,Best Single Post, Commentary Category

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of me holding that trophy (or, actually, I’d rather not have it posted here, though I’m sure there were about a couple of those photos floating in cyberspace now).  But I think that would be sufficient evidence enough that I won that award.  Haha.

Hopefully, this will increase the visibility of the health/medical blogging community to the more mainstream blogosphere and perhaps, in the future blog awards, health and fitness blogging will have its own category.   The Blog Rounds may be having a bit of a slow time right now but it still amazes me how, day-by-day, more and more bloggers decide to settle in the health/medical blogging niche and the list of TBR bloggers grow longer as time passes.  And perhaps soon, the proposed Medical blogging summit would push through, breathing new life into a relatively new niche in the Philippine blogosphere.

*     *     *     *     *

Please, also have a look at the complete listing of the winners of Philippine Blog Awards 2008.

*    *    *    *    *

UPDATE!  And because I’m bad for not doing my homework, I didn’t realize that there are actually four doctors who won awards at the recent PBA ‘08.  Thanks, Benj, for pointing out.  

Kudos to Gideon Lasco ofPinoy Mountaineer!

Pinoy Mountaineer, PBA ‘08 Best Single Blog Post, Hobby/Recreation category

Gideon, an avid mountaineer, is a medical student at the University of Philippines and a classmate of Benj.  His blog provides a comprehensive guide to local mountains and outdoor destinations.  Whoever thought that all doctors are sedentary creatures would be proven wrong by this guy (but then, of course, there are still sedentary doctors like me haha).

So there you go.  Four doctors at the PBA ‘08.  Will there be more at next year’s PBA?  Watch out!

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