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This made me cry. Mom and Autistic son recovers.

Posted Sep 24 2010 12:58pm
I am not one to cry easily. But I just read this letter. This is why I started Jigsaw Health. Her son was autistic. Dear Mr. Sullivan, Many years ago, in the middle of the night, I e-mailed you regarding my son’s autism. You responded by telling me that although you couldn’t help my son, you might very well be able to help me. And good to your word, you did. Jigsaw Health Foundation covered the expense of restoring my teeth, removing nearly a dozen amalgam fillings. The first thing I noticed was the ‘metal’ taste was gone. Headaches….gone. Depression…gone. My overall health has improved significantly since that time. And so has something else… I found a doctor who was willing to help my son. Long story short, a Urinary porphyrin profile along with blood work proved he was heavy metal toxic and glutathione deficient. Over the next 10 months, he received 300 mg. of DMSA, 3 times a day, 3 days on, the 4 days off. The sheer amount of metal in his body was astounding. About 2 months into treatment the director of Lab Corp in Louisville called to ask me if he had ‘an ongoing occupational exposure to arsenic’ I answered ‘well, he’s in the second grade, does that count’?? There was a measured silence on the line before he was able to stammer….’you’re kidding, right’? ‘Ah, nope, second grader, look at his age’…. The poor man was so uncomfortable that it could be palpated from 200 miles away. Cadmium, arsenic, nickel, mercury, tons of lead, though we never lived in a house with lead paint…so I have no idea there…. the arsenic was from chicken, shell fish, and I suspect our deck which was pressure treated lumber. His transformation was nothing short of phenomenal. He went...
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