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This Little Piggie Wants to Go to the Market! (but can't because of chronic pain!)

Posted Jun 17 2013 12:13pm
I know, I know! We wish all our “piggies” (or our feet for that matter!) were always in good enough shape to go to the market! So why are you not better already? Have your feet been hurting you for a while? Did you think you could just shake it off or work through the pain? Maybe in the past that was the case. Why would it be any different now?

The difference is that if you have had pain for months, you are most likely suffering from a chronic injury. A chronic injury is an injury that will not get better because the body is essentially ignoring it!

When you are experiencing a “foot first hurt”, when you first notice pain in your foot, the body has recruited and shipped down its repair “squad” of cells (known as “ inflammatory ”cells) that work actively to try and make it better. If the foot is properly treated off the bat, more likely than not, the squad will get it healed. Realistically, unless you are a podiatrist, most of us may not fully understand the nature of what is causing the hurt. The result is that we may not fully give our foot the exact attention it needs and, unfortunately, sometimes these healing cells need outside help!

The moral of this story is basically, if you think you are doing what your foot needs to get better and two weeks later it is still not better, don’t wait the month before you see a podiatrist! Getting feet better (and ankles too!) is what we do and we are GOOD at it! Let us help find out what for sure is causing your pain! Believe it or not, sometimes just plain old wear and tear can actually cause a hairline fracture in your foot even though you may not have done anything excessive to cause it!! We can get to the bottom of what is going on. We want to get you, and most importantly, KEEP you on the right track, so your body can do what you want it to do best: keep you up and running again!

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