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Thimerosal-Autism Link Disproven…Again

Posted Oct 28 2008 9:56pm
A new study in the Archives of General Psychiatry by researchers in California disproves the causal relationship between the vaccine additive thimerosal and autism. Since the additive has been removed from childhood immunizations, the rates of autism have not declined. In fact, autism rates continue to increase.

This study proves what I wrote back in June 2007 in Thimerosal Goes on Trial that:

Since the government asked manufacturers to reduce/eliminate thimerosal in 1999, we would expect to see significant reductions in autism cases in children born after 1999. We haven’t. In fact, autism incidence continues to increase (particularly in this age group). Autism groups try to sidestep this issue whenever it comes up, but they will have to explain this for people to take their claims seriously.

This is no true scientific evidence linking thimerosal to autism.

Hopefully, we can finally stop wasting resources on this ridiculous myth and start focusing resources on finding the real cause of autism – be it genetic or environmental.
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