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Thigh Muscle Pain

Posted Sep 19 2010 4:11pm

Muscle Strain and Pain

Thigh Muscle Pain originates from Muscle strains. This is also called as a pull or tear. It is frequent among those who participate in sports. The hamstring and quadriceps muscles cross both the hip and knee joints and are more susceptible to muscle strains. When a muscle is over stretched, the muscle fibers are torn. Usually, this occurs where the muscle joins the tough and fibrous tissue of the tendon. When there is a direct blow to the muscle, a similar result can be seen. Such muscle strains give rise to extreme pain. If blood vessels are broken, bruising may take place. The individual who undergoes a muscle strain in the thigh experiences a snapping feeling. There is a sudden and severe pain. The region near this injury may be tender to the touch.


The physician requests the patient to bend or straighten the knee and/or hip and an X-ray may be needed. A majority of muscle strains are treated by RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It is necessary to avoid the activity that causes pain. Cold packs have to be used for 20 minutes, many times during the day. Ice should not be placed on the skin. An elastic compression bandage avoids swelling and blood loss. The leg has to be placed higher than the heart to reduce swelling.

Types of Strains and Pains

Grade 1 muscle strains are characterized by mild pain, tightness in the thigh, moderate swelling and inability to walk properly. A compression bandage or heat retainer can be used, till the pain subsides. The activity has to be reduced for some days. However, it need not be totally stopped unless there is pain. Such strains heal quickly. Grade 2 muscle strains are characterized by frequent sharp twinges of pain during activity, application of pressure on the muscle, swelling and straightening of the knee. The use of RICE is recommended.

Grade 3 muscle strains are characterized by severe pain, bad swelling, a painful static contraction that gives rise to a bulge and inability to walk without crutches. These strains take a long time to heal. A Groin Pull is an upper inner thigh muscle pain. A Hamstring Pull is a back thigh pain. A Quadricep Pull is a front thigh pain.

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