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There are little things that some people take for granted...

Posted Feb 06 2009 12:00am
Today I had a nice relaxing lunch with my wife. This may seem like a normal day out to most people, but it meant something bigger to me: it meant that I was still here to take her to lunch; it meant that I was able to sit with her; it meant that I did not have to communicate with a board, and it meant that for the most part I was not on a special diet because of my stroke. I just had a wonderful time with her. I cannot express how much it means to be able to spend quality time with her. Each time my kids throw themselves on me, it means a lot to me. My youngest, who has a hard time putting everything together, sometimes says that I cannot do things because I was sick. She is right...I have limitations; life as I once knew it is over. But what I gave up is nothing compared to what I still have with my wife and children. I have been more than just blessed to watch my kids grow up or just have a relaxing time with my wife out for a simple lunch.

While I am on the subject, this is about as close as I have come to a "normal" night out. I went to the hospital to visit a churchgoer, and while we were mulling over where to go for dinner, some people from our church invited us out. So, we had a nice night at Applebee's and really had a nice conversation. It really felt good. I even told my wife that I noticed (which means I was paying attention) that I did not slur my words as much when I was in a restaurant as when I was just riding somewhere. Maybe it is because I try harder when I am in mixed company than when I am nearly or totally alone. It is something to think about.

Now I am waiting for my son to get back from his job. He had to drop off some tax stuff and get his check. These are great days...I get to wait up for  my son and 10:30 p.m. Considering the alternative, I will take staying up anytime.
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