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The World Before Products

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:09pm

I think one of the strange side effects of capitalism is how it turns information into products.  This is not to say that this is entirely bad, but capitalism seems to exaggerate things. 

In ancient times, if you needed information how did you get it?  You simply asked someone.  And since this person was part of the same community you were, they most likely would just tell you, for free.  Nowadays, information has become a business, and predictably, the predators have entered the market.  Everyone is selling e-books, memberships, etc., all driven by big hype that probably delivers little results. 

Certainly, if someone puts a lot of effort into something, like for example publishes a book, this package of information now has increased value - it's a permanent reference that can be utilized for many years.    But just to provide information or answer a question, this seems more like a natural responsibility of living on this planet to me - not a business proposition.

It's hard to even imagine, but there was once a world without products.  People got the information they needed (right or wrong) from family, friends, and the community.  If you contributed information, you were simply doing your part - provinding guidance to others so that the community would continue to survive and prosper.

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