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The Vampire Results Are In...

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:44pm
I had bloodwork done last week and here are the latest set of numbers. (Sorry, I like to put them on here because it helps me have a place that I write them down and not lose them).

Sjogren's numbers...
RA 127.8 (still high, but better than last month and definitely better than the over 2000 a couple months ago) ANA TITER 1:320 (same as last month)
SSA 453 (High, but improving over last month)
SSB 578 (Again high, but slightly better than last month)

Kidney numbers...
Creatinine 3.1 (Woo-hoo, a little better)
BUN 38 (same as always)
GFR 17 (isty bitsy better than last month)
My Potassium, sodium, and phosphorus are all in normal ranges thanks to the renal diet!!! No Fluid restrictions...thank goodness.

Hemoglobin 11.6 (MUCH better than last month)
Hemacrit 34.6 (MUCH better than last month)

Now for the interesting numbers....
Iron 35 (LOW)
Iron Saturation 9 (Very LOW)
Vitamin D-Hydroxy 17.8 (Very Low)

I am researching why these are low and I know it has something to do with my kidney function. The procrit is making red blood cells for me, but if my iron is low the procrit won't work properly....HENCE WHY I AM STILL SO TIRED!!! Not sure what's up with the vitamiin D...I just know it is common in ESRD. I guess I'll do some research, talk to my doctors about it and have some new material to write about on here.
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