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The Truth About Health Insurance Companies / Health Insurance Plans

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:12pm 1 Comment
The Truth About Health Insurance Companies / Health Insurance Plans: "Insurance companies aren't all that interested in covering your medical expenses. They are interested in making money.

If you are shopping for health insurance, you and your prospective insurance carrier are in the midst of a strange mating ritual.

Your prospective insurer really wants your patronage, and the money they will make on your premiums. At the same time, they really don't want the burden of paying on your medical expenses.

So your prospective insurer is trying to woo you with the 'best' (read, most expensive) coverage available, while also trying to obtain as much 'dirt' on you as possible in terms of your medical history. If they can get the scoop on your medical history, while convincing you that you need maximum coverage, they will make the maximum return on your insurance policy. Meaning - you pay more."

The sooner we all realise this fact, the better !
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