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The Secrecy of Healthcare Reform

Posted Oct 18 2009 10:01pm
Like nearly everyone in the healthcare industry, I’ve been frustrated by the cloak of secrecy surrounding all of the healthcare reform discussions. Despite his claims of openness and transparency, the Administration of President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress continue to discuss, debate and negotiate healthcare reform in total secrecy. As a citizen, if you want to read the actual healthcare reform bill – you can’t. The Obama Administration’s approach to healthcare reform is extremely similar to the Bush Administration’s approach to terror interrogations – you know it’s happening, you’re told not worry about it, but you can’t find out anything about it.

I found this petition from the Center for Health Transformation: Americans Have the Right to Know! Health reform should be discussed openly, honestly and civilly. On September 9, President Obama stood before a joint session of Congress and promised to debate his vision of healthcare reform on its merits.

I’ll be honest, I’m concerned about Obama’s vision for America. And I’m deeply troubled by his lack of leadership on healthcare reform (and the potential to make a tremendous mess of it). How many months has Obama been talking about it and we still can't actually read the bills? While I'm skeptical, I’m open to changing my mind. And I actually want a universal coverage system. By enacting legislation in the shadows, it makes me question whether President Obama is trustworthy or whether he is operating on behalf of special interest groups.

The time is right to have a civil discourse on healthcare reform. And that discourse begins with ALL Americans (not just Congressional Democrats) having the opportunity to review the bills before Congress.
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