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The REAL Ghost Whisperer-Mary Ann Winkowski

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:19am
I am very excited to have Mary Ann Winkowski on HYTR, a couple weeks ago I called her about some weird things going on around my house. Mary Ann called me back and stated that we had a teenage boy ghost in our house that was causing havoc. So why is she going to be on HYTR? HYTR is not about ghosts and the paranormal….well that is true, BUT when things go bump in the night and your whole house is acting weird and testy you need to figure out a why to stop it. After doing everything else and getting frustrated with a year long of mishaps, so much anger it was getting ready to send me to the looney bin and the kids just not acting like themselves…I bought Mary Ann’s book and read it, after reading the book it let me to believe that I may have problems with a ghost in my house. After doing what Mary Ann told me to do and then her calling back to confirm that the ghost was indeed gone, things have settled down in our house and are as back to normal as they can be. This lead me to ask Mary Ann to come on HYTR, by her helping us get rid of this ghost we have started healing from the anger and turmoil that has plagued our house for months.
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