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The PaloVia® Laser Treats the Cause of Wrinkles

Posted Jul 19 2012 5:00pm

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of for . All opinions are 100% mine.

Wrinkle causes and treatments –

Wrinkles are caused by the collapse of collagen and elastin fibers deep within the skin. These natural fibers support the surface of your skin the same way the springs in a mattress support the bed when you lay down.  A variety of factors, like exposure to the sun, can destroy these supportive fibers causing wrinkles to form. Unfortunately most anti-aging products only treat the skin cosmetically, by masking the appearance of wrinkles. They do not work below the surface to treat the cause.  That's where laser treatments are different; they actually work below the surface of the skin to destroy old tissue and trigger your body to create fresh collagen and elastin.

The PaloVia laser breakthrough -

Until recently only dermatologists could administer laser skin treatments but now the Food and Drug Administration has cleared a hand held laser, called , for home use.  The PaloVia laser is a sleek, handheld device that looks like it could have been designed by Apple (TM).  Anyone who has "crow’s feet" around their eyes could benefit from this advanced treatment.  

Despite its advanced technology, the  is quite simple to use. You begin by applying a small amount of the PaloVia Pre-Treatment Gel around the eye area to ensure that the laser surface makes proper contact with your skin. You then press the head of the device against the area to be treated and wait for the blue Contact light to illuminate.  Then you push the Activation button. The device activates for about three seconds giving you a mild tingling sensation before turning itself off. The actual head of the laser is quite small so it takes several applications to cover the area around both eyes.

I like the simplicity of use and the fact that I could use it for weeks on end without having to recharge. It's also nice that the device has an adjustable intensity setting in case the tingling sensation becomes uncomfortable.  This was not an issue for me and I left it set on high for the entire usage period.

Real results, not just cover up -

After using the PaloVia laser for almost a month I saw significant changes in my skin.  After about three weeks I noticed the skin around my eye looked more "puffed out."  The effect was much different than simply using a cream that only masks wrinkles; I could tell the skin itself was changing. The differences were apparent to the naked eye but I was not very successful in capturing much of a difference in my before and after photos.

And, while I was pleased to use a treatment that delivered real results, I did have one concern. I could see the areas where the laser had been applied turned darker after exposure to sun. This was despite the fact that I religiously applied sunscreen per the instructions. After taking a break from using the device for about a week the dark spots disappeared.

I recommend the PaloVia at  to anyone who is concerned about the existence (not just appearance) of their crow’s feet and who likes to experiment with novel treatments. Although a bit pricey at $499, the product is a real value when compared with a fractional laser treatment at the doctor’s office. I was fortunate enough to not only receive a free device for evaluation but I was also compensated for my time for testing the device and writing this review.

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