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The only end game this game has PvE-wise is trying to get a legendary or making an alt

Posted Mar 20 2013 6:09am

??The only end game this game has PvE-wise is trying to get a legendary or making an alt. So honestly your comment on "punishing farmers" is pretty counter intuitive to someone trying to achieve a legendary. The end game is grind/farming.

??If you want the reward for the dragon event, then do it on your own server. You can still play Guild wars 2 gold with your friends via guesting, but with no chest reward people aren't going to flood guesting unless they're ACTUALLY playing with friends.

??Speak for yourself. I enjoy the game very much, without the need to grind for everything. I occasionally do the boss events when they're, but I've never seen the need to actively grind for anything. I save up my materials and dungeon tokens and I know I'll eventually have enough of everything to make a Legendary. I played GW1 for 7 years, so I don't see the rush here. If you really think the only reason to keep playing a Gw2 gold game is for the grind, then I don't see why you'd stick around. Assuming you don't enjoy it, which you clearly don't.

??Secondly, if I decide to hop over and guest on a friends server so that we can play together, what's the point of doing an event like the Claw of Jormag, if I'm not going to get the rewards for doing it? I might as well switch back to my own server in that case, decreasing the ever more limited social aspects of the game. So what happens when farmers decide that guesting is interrupting some other game feature? No dungeon reward while guesting? No loot in general? Limiting a legitimate, useful and fun game mechanic because some people were abusing it, would have been crazy. It's the farmers to blame here and the farmers that should be punished.

??They tried to increase the amount of rewards we earned and people reacted by creating as many alts as possible, so they can run as many bosses in a single day as humanly possible. That clearly wasn't what they intended and removing/changing the guesting function wouldn't fix that. It might fix the problem of the overwhelming population for those events, but that's only one part of the issue.(web: )

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