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"The Obesity Epidemic: Should We Believe What We Read and Hear"

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:14pm

Surely no one can dispute the reality of an Obesity Epidemic in the US. I didn't think so. Well, I believe this paper by Jack L. Samuels will truly fascinate you. It fascinated me!

Samuels' research indicates that MSG and aspartic acid (aspartame) are probably the REAL culprits of our country's expanding waistlines because of their proven damaging effects on the brain and the prevalence of them in the processed foods we eat...and we eat a lot of processed foods, as a country!

Samuels says:

"Simply stated, our food supply has changed along with the changes in our lives brought about by the demands of our fast-paced society. We are depending more and more on processed foods, and with each year, the FDA approves more and more chemicals for use in foods."


"While there is abundant literature demonstrating that MSG and aspartic acid cause hypothalamic lesions which, in turn, can cause gross obesity, I know of no research that has examined a possible relationship between the hypothalamic damage caused by MSG and/or aspartame, and the leptin [which 'regulates, among other things, energy, control of appetite, and body weight'] abnormalities found in obese individuals. Research is needed in this area."

I highly recommend this read!! How can the FDA live with itself? You'll get what I mean, though you probably already feel the same way.

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