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The Number One Danger of Mixing Your Own Cosmetics

Posted Jun 22 2010 11:01pm

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Crista’s question…I have a question on home made facial moisturizers. I’m a “make your own nut” with moisturizers, laundry soaps, miscellaneous cleaners, and add-ins for conditioners ( I’m big on coconut oil). Anyway enough with the jibberjabber. I start with Biosilk fruitcocktail as a base, (here’s a strange fact I was told by a cock fighting, i.e. fighting chickens, models hair dresser that it makes a good moisturizer) and then I add coconut oil and shea butter. It works for me. Just wondering your thoughts – Is it good? Bad? None of the above?

The Right Brain Responds:

Our first thought in response to your question is: Fighting chickens have hairdressers?? You’ve GOT to write back and explain that one! But let’s get back to your question.

While we applaud your do it yourself attitude, you do need to be careful when mixing your own products. The number one danger is that the home made products typically are not properly preserved against microbial growth. That’s means your product could grow bacteria or mold that could end up giving you an infection. So be careful!

But for the moment let’s go crazy and ignore that danger. Does mixing Biosilk fruit cocktail with coconut oil and shea butter make a good hair conditioner? Mmmmmaybe. Coconut oil is one of the few natural oils that will penetrat hair, so it can have some benefit if you leave it on long enough. Shea butter can be helpful as a leave-on product but it won’t do much for hair is you rinse it off. So your home made mix might not be bad for your hair but we’d be surprised if it’s better than the products you can buy.

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