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The new protein sports drinks

Posted by Tamar F.

According to Prepared Foods magazine, there’s a new sports drink out there aiming to outperform Gatorade. Cadbury Schweppes is putting out Accelerade, with a 4:1 carb to protein ratio. Reputable studies show that people who drank a protein-enhanced sports drink have a 29% increase in endurance above those drinking the traditional carb-electrolyte drinks.

I myself think most of those sports drinks taste pretty horrible and medicinal. Even when I feel faint with heat exhaustion, I never reach for them.

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I just somehow cannot believe that this new sports drink is going to do anything for health. Just like gatorade, it will be full of loads of rubbish. Drink water and eat a healthy diet that includes loads of organic fresh veg and fruit along with some good protein like fish...that is the way to increase endurance in my humble opinion
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