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The Natural Drive To Work

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:11pm

With technological progress, there are now a lot of jobs that just aren't that exciting.  I think men, due to their psychology, suffer the most in this type of environment.

For millions of years, men were the hunters.  Every other day or so, they would go out together in a band of men and hunt down prey.  Each person played a role on the hunt based on their special skills.  The judgement of their work was simple: either they acquired food or they didn't. 

Now put that same male mind in a 21st centruy job.  He often works alone, not with other male companions.  The job tasks are usually mental (computer-based), not physical.  And how is his work judged?  Others often don't know, don't understand, or really don't care about his work.

I think what modern employers don't get is that men (and women to a lesser extent) have a natural desire to work, to produce something of value.  Only a few people would be happy being a beach bum all their lives.  Even those who are independently wealthy continue to work.

To me, there has to be a better way to set up work so it coincides with the male psyche better.  I see so many adult males that look beat-down, and I think work is the main issue.  I used to think that health was the issue, but now I think it's secondary.  If someone has a strong purpose, they can keep going even if their body is falling apart.  Employers need to set up environments that give men the freedom to produce something of value.

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