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The Holy Grail Of Chocolate - Tastes Great And Is Super Low Fat

Posted Jul 27 2009 11:53pm

OK chocolate addicts – you’re going to think you have died and gone to chocolate heaven – some clever scientists over in Switzerland have happened upon a formula to make chocolate that is not only super low fat – but also doesn’t melt all over to hands as you paw at it!

Barry Callebaut – the firm based in Zurich, revealed their Vulcano chocolate can take temperatures up to 55C without melting – that’s double the heat at which chocolate normally melts at. On top of that it has 90 per cent less calories.

Those enterprising folks over at Barry Callebaut have decided to sell their formula to multi-national brands like Nestlé and Cadbury’s, so that in a few years time we can be chomping down on a low fat non-melt version of favourites like Dairy Milk and Kit Kat.

Understandably the company is keeping the formula under a tight lock and key at the moment, so the mystery as to how its been made remains. However, there is speculation by some experts in the field that some of the fatty melty cocoa butter has been replaced with starch. Other scientists in the past have tried to create something akin to Vulcano, but the results just did not taste good and came out rock-solid.

  “Like many great discoveries, our engineers actually stumbled upon the technique by accident,”said a spokeswoman for Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolatier. She added that the texture is “more crispy than creamy”.

The company have revealed cheeky hints of what might be behnind the mystery – like the fact chocolate melts when it has had contact with enzymes in saliva, rather than from the heat of our mouth.

British food consultant, Steve Cadwallader, suggested that starches could have been an addition to the chocolate,

“The enzymes in saliva act on starch in the same way that they act on bread and cause the food to dissolve and release the fats and flavours,” said Cadwallader. “Starches would also lead to the ‘crunchy’ feel.

“It is interesting that Callebaut claim they have maintained the full flavour even though they have reduced cocoa butter. It’s the food technologists’ holy grail.”

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