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The Grand Rapids Press Headlin ...

Posted Jul 14 2012 5:55pm
The Grand Rapids Press Headline for Thursday, July 12, 2012 reads" 'We're sick of it' - 10 year old Jacob Steiler's parents have chosen to suspend his cancer treatments for bone cancer - they stopped chemotherapy "treatments" after three months because they made Jacob extremely ill. A recent PET scan showed no sign of cancer in Jacob. But, the Michigan State Department of Human Services has filed a medical neglect charge against Jacob's parents and are trying to force them to make Jacob receive 6 more months of chemo (just to make sure there is no more cancer)! I believe 6 more months of POISON may in fact, kill Jacob! In my free book at I discuss How not to cure cancer. HOW NOT TO CURE CANCER: You can get cancer just from handling toxic chemotherapy chemicals Mustard gas was one of the most lethal of the poisonous warfare agents used during the World Wars. Almost odourless when breathed in, it can take up to twelve hours to wreak its havoc. During WWII, a ship carrying mustard gas exploded. In the autopsies carried out on the crew-members, it was noticed that exposure to the mustard gas had caused destruction of fast growing tissue and had slowed down the reproduction of white blood cells. It was surmised that since cancer grew rapidly, these poisons could kill cancer tissue swiftly. These observations did prove right; exposure to these terrible POISON gases did kill cancerous tissue, but, as Ralph Moss states in his book Questioning Chemotherapy: “The amount of toxic chemicals needed to kill every last cancer cell was found to kill the patient long before it eliminated the tumour.” Modern chemotherapy is a derivative of the mustard gas used to POISON enemy soldiers in the World Wars. Truthfully, chemotherapy has more in common with chemical POISON warfare than any “healthy” medicine. One of the side effects of chemotherapy is cancer. The cancer doctors don’t say much about it, but it’s printed right on the chemo drug warning labels (in small print, of course). If you go into a cancer treatment clinic with one type of cancer, and you allow yourself to be injected with chemotherapy chemicals, you will often develop a second type of cancer as a result. Pharmacists are peddling these toxic chemotherapy chemicals to their customers as if they were medicine (which they aren’t). While preparing these toxic chemical prescriptions, pharmacists are exposing themselves to cancer-causing chemotherapy agents in the process. And because of that, pharmacists are giving themselves cancer... and they’re dying from it. Chemotherapy drugs are extremely toxic to the human body, and they are readily absorbed through the skin. The very idea that they are even used in modern medicine is downright disturbing and sad that hundreds of thousands of people are killed each year around the world by chemotherapy drugs. Recently the Seattle Times reported: “Danish epidemiologists used cancer-registry data from the 1940s through the late 1980s to first report a significantly increased risk of leukemia among oncology nurses and, later, physicians. Last year, another Danish study of more than 92,000 nurses found an elevated risk for breast, thyroid, nervous-system and brain cancers.” The story goes on to report how new safety rules are being put in place across the industry to protect pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses and doctors from toxic chemotherapy chemicals. If these chemotherapy chemicals are so dangerous to the healthy doctors, nurses and pharmacists dispensing them, how can they be considered “safe enough” to inject into sick patients who are already dying from cancer? The result of a spill of chemotherapy onto the bare hand is burning and scarring. Doctors and nurses can become violently ill after merely spilling chemotherapy chemicals on themselves, then what effect do you suppose these chemicals have when injected into sick patients? Please see Chemotherapy Spill Cleanup at” . Nobody ever died from handling/using herbs, supplements or homeopathic remedies - but they do not create as much profit for the cancer “industry” In contrast to all this dangerous chemotherapy, consider that no one ever died from handling medicinal herbs, homeopathy remedies or nutritional supplements. These natural therapies are good for patients, and as a bonus, you don’t have to wear a chemical suit or protective gloves to handle them. Furthermore, medicinal herbs, supplements and natural remedies don’t cause cancer. They support and protect the immune system rather than destroying it. So they make patients healthier and more resilient rather than weaker and more fragile. Chemotherapy doesn’t work Beyond the inherent dangers of pharmacists and health care workers dying from exposure to secondhand chemotherapy, there’s the issue of whether chemotherapy actually works in the first place. Scientifically speaking, the published studies note that: “chemotherapy is only effective at treating less than two percent of the cancers that exist”. And that two percent does not include breast cancer or prostate cancer. The Author believes that chemotherapy is still being routinely used to **treat** breast cancer even though it offers no benefit to breast cancer patients. In effect, the cancer industry is engaged in a criminal treatment hoax that promises to make you healthier but actually gives you sicker -- which is great for repeat business, but terrible for the cancer patients who suffer under it. Chemotherapy doesn’t work at anything other than causing cancer -- and it accomplishes that indiscriminately, damaging any sick or healthy person with which it into contact. Merely touching chemotherapy chemicals is dangerous for your health. So if you’re considering chemotherapy for yourself, think about this long and hard: If chemotherapy is so dangerous that it’s giving the pharmacists cancer just from touching it, why on earth would you want to inject it into your body? Treating cancer with chemotherapy is like treating alcoholism with vodka. It’s like treating heart disease with cheese, or like treating diabetes with high-fructose corn syrup. Cancer cannot be cured by the very thing that causes it. And to those medical professionals who deal in poison, watch out for karma and/or the cause-and-effect laws of biology. If you deal in chemotherapy chemicals, don’t be surprised if you personally get cancer one day. If you deal in chemical pesticides, don’t be surprised if you get Alzheimer’s. If you’re a dentist installing mercury fillings in the mouths of clients, don’t be surprised if one day you just go stark raving mad (because mercury causes insanity, and dentists breathe in mercury vapor thrown into the air from their drills). Cause and effect is a universal law that cannot be escaped. If your cancer Doctor insists that you take some expensive chemotherapy, ask him to drink some first. If your oncologist isn’t wiling to drink chemotherapy in front of you to prove it’s safe, why on earth would you agree to pay a great deal of money to have him inject these toxic chemicals into your body? The following label accompanies the GlaxoSmithKline cancer drug Alkeran: WARNING: Alkeran (melphalan) should be administered under the supervision of a qualified physician experienced in the use of cancer chemotherapeutic agents. Severe bone marrow suppression with resulting infection or bleeding may occur. Melphalan is leukemogenic in humans. Melphalan produces chromosomal aberrations in vitro and in vivo and, therefore, should be considered potentially mutagenic in humans . This is what is being pumped into any patient undergoing conventional chemotherapy treatment.......Why give a 10 year old that does not have cancer this crap!? The only answer is money! What is not done for love is done for money!
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