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The Good And The Better

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:34pm

Alright, so our consultation for the PERC lengthening surgery was a week ago from today. Time to get down into the nitty gritty and spill the beans.

Logan is not a candidate for PERC at this time. The doctor said that Yogi is indeed tight, but not tight enough. Doc also mentioned that the very first time a kiddo has this surgery, it’s the most beneficial and highly effective when the patient is spastic to the extremes (wow, that’s tight!). Thankfully, Logan isn’t there yet. This is good and it gets better. This means he doesn’t have to endure nor experience any pain from another surgery. Plus, he isn’t tight enough that he is contracted. In other words, he can stand up straight when supported. All good news from that perspective.

On the flip side, it stinks. Logan still has to struggle in his battle against spasticity every day. Seeing him unable to do the things he desires to do because his body won’t let him continues to bash me into pulp. I could go in a million directions here, and I’m fighting to stick to the course…

PERCS will be something to drag out of the closet and look at again in a couple to few years. In the meantime, it’s time to shut that door and open another. It’s time for Euro-Peds, an intensive physical therapy clinic for children with cerebral palsy. Our dates are set. We begin this two week journey on September 21 and run with it until October 2. We are hoping this $6,000 treatment will help boost Logan’s mobility and help manage his spasticity. Who knows what else this can bring. We are game.

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