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The Drawing board

Posted Feb 15 2012 10:21pm

I have been declared FAIL in DNB Final Practical and Viva examination conducted by the Board in the Discipline of General Medicine in June 2011 session against Roll no 1111111*** – Vide Letter from NBE dated 22-12-2012 Ref no – 1111111***/June2011/NBE/25746.

And what the fuck have been doing since then?

Running? As fast as as I can as far as I can.

But here again … I find myself where it all started… THE DRAWING BOARD.

The very same board where I had charted out the plans and details of my coup of AIIMS…. When I was barely 19.

According to those plans I should have been a board certified Cardiologist by now.

But alas… you know what they about the best of plans…. Failing …. And all….

So instead, 10 years later, I am 29 days, 3 months and 27 days old. And DNB – Medicine Theory passed and First attempt practical failed.

Not to mention 10 kilos heavier than the lowest mark I had hit on the scales over 6 months ago…. Back to binging on chocolates and fried food again, getting really uncomfortable in all my newly bought denims and tops.

And sinking back into a state of deep oblivion, especially so since the result of the practicals….

Am I scared of studying?

I want to say No…. but I am not sure if that’s the right anwer.

Am I scared of hardwork…. Oh God Almighty… YES!!!

Then Medicine and specifically Internal Medicine was the last thing I should have chosen as a speciality.

Too late to look back on the transgressions I have committed to my own life.

Lets get back to the drawing board.

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