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The chad, travelling cat, poser galore

Posted Dec 25 2009 12:00am

The Chad, AKA Chad Valiant Junior, has hit an all time high for his latest antics. This part moggy part Ragdoll has always been a character supreme.
He sings when we sing, lounges about in almost physically impossible positions, is loving yet if you move while he is lavishing you with his affections and faceful of fur, he will attack with little notice:)

A couple of days ago I was driving down the road, Hebah suddenly shrieked as a head popped up between the front seats, I believed it must be a spider and wildly lashed out blindly at the air, making contact with fur.
Ooops  it was The Chad, I drove down the road frantically doing up my window while Hebah wound hers up.
I had to do an emergency pullover. The thing is I really didn't want this temperamental buggar suddenly freaking out and launching himself at my head. He clung to my lap as I drove back home. We ousted him and continued on our journey.
When we returned home The Chad stood like a bulldog in the drive way(its a long driveway) he wasn't moving, instead he casually walked up to the car and as I opened the door he jumped in, for a drive home.
He is fearless and will let me vacuum clean underneath him while he sleeps. At times I suck his tail up into the vacuum hose to get him moving, it rarely works....

We love him with trepidation at times. He guards the house and growls before the dig does. he weaves in and out of the dogs legs, while the dog freaks out and freezes, one movement will mean a face lashing from The Chad.
He kicks the dog out of his bed and many times I found the dog sleeping on the concrete path while Chad languishes in his doggy bed.

He sleeps on my shoulder at night and he is not a lightweight. When we come back from a walk to the shop he stands at the end of the drive waiting patiently to be carried back to the safety of home, I think its because he hates walking on the gravel driveway. 

Chad brings us occasional gifts of birds, Im sure he catches them when they are asleep in their nests as he is to cumbersome to be agile. he isnt overweight though ragdolls are big cats in general.
His most distasteful habit is making out with my fur pillows.
He is neutered yet in his head he can still mate. Quite often I find my poor degraded fluffy pillows on the ground, after his 'loving' sessions eew.

This five year old feline will always be a pleasure in my home, he is one of the family and always manages to put a smile on our faces....
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