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The Art Of The Aromatherapy Massage

Posted Feb 26 2010 6:24pm

Need a relaxing massage? You have probably seen or heard of, (or perhaps even had) a massage, but have you ever had one before using aromatherapy and essential oils? If you have not, then you are in for a real treat. Massages that are based on the principles of aromatherapy not only relax your mind, but will relax your whole body, too. These massages are bent to be a total well being experience.

Essential oils can be added in varying amounts with carriers to create the perfect recipe for a massage. The other interesting thing about using essential oils is that the scents are highly personalized, meaning you can pick and choose the ones that you like the best. All oils have their own unique properties, too. If you are feeling stressed, you can use oils that are especially good at alleviating stress. If you need a mental boost, there are oils for that purpose, too.

What essential oils can do for you: Essential oils can be used in two ways during a massage. The most common way is to actually massage the oils into your skin along with a carrier. This will leave your skin moist and supple and give it a great smell, too! The other way of doing this is to actually use aromatherapy techniques. Use a good diffuser in the room where you are having your massage and inhale the scents for a relaxing feel.

The good news about using essential oils during a massage is that they are not only for scent. They can actually help alleviate certain illnesses and ailments. The properly chosen essential oils can help your arthritis, depression, digestion problems, skin conditions and much more. You will need to do your research into the oils to see which one is right for you. Another word of caution: while massages are wonderful and can benefit almost everyone, if you intend to use essential oils, use caution if you are taking certain medications or are pregnant. Some essential oils, such as lavender, can actually induce premature labor.

Using the right carrier for your massage: Common carriers used along with essential oils in massages include almond oil, soybean oil and grapeseed oil. These oils won’t give you an overly oily feeling, but will help “carry” the essential oils and make them worthy of use for your massage. Some of the oils that you might want to check into include the popular ones such as eucalyptus (great for those with coughs for colds), tea tree oil (good for skin conditions), lavender (known to relax the mind and body), rosemary, lemon, chamomile and peppermint. Some essential oils you may have never heard of include clary sage, ylang ylang and geranium. Try these on their own with a carrier or mix a couple of your favorites together for a unique scent.

Essential oils during massages are quite beneficial and you will find that you love the way they make you feel. If you have never considered an aromatherapy massage, then now is the time.

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