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The Abreva Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch

Posted Mar 09 2013 1:02am

Post image for The Abreva Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch

Today’s post is sponsored by Lunchbox. 

The NEW Abreva® Conceal™ Invisible Cold Sore patch allows you to apply make-up to your cold sore so you can conceal it with confidence!

Abreva already sells a well known medicated cream for speeding the healing time of cold sores, but this product is different. It’s a non-medicated patch designed to provide an instant cover up. Now, you don’t have to wait days for your sore to heal,  you can hide it instantly with Abreva Conceal.

When the need arises you simply remove a patch from the outer envelope and then carefully peel off the film labeled “1″. Next, hold the patch by the tab that appears and peel off the film labeled “2.” Then, press the patch against your skin for 15 seconds and peel away the backing tab. Since the patch is clear it needs to be covered with makeup in order to conceal the cold sore.

Since none of the Beauty Brains had the misfortune of having a cold sore at the time of this writing we found a brave volunteer who allowed us to create a fake cold sore with a blotch of lipstick. Watch the video below to see her experience with the product.

The patch is comfortable to wear and not difficult to remove although there is a slight skin pulling sensation. It stays on surprisingly well even while showering. You have to pull on it firmly to remove it but it isn’t painful like a bandage can be. (I don’t know how it would feel on the delicate skin around a sore.) We’re not aware of any other product technology that can adhere such a thin, flexible film to skin. This is nothing like using a bandage – it’s much more like your real skin.

The amount of coverage the patch provides depends on the type of makeup you apply and how much you use. A single dabbing of a liquid foundation was enough to conceal most of our test blemish but even then you could still see the fake sore. Heavier application of makeup gave better coverage but it started to look caked on. Part of the problem is that the patch material is glossy rather than matte which makes it harder for the makeup to adhere. That also tends to make the circular outline of the patch more visible. In any case, you’ll need to play around to get the degree of coverage you want without looking overly made up. In a perfect world I’d like to see Abreva medication formulated into the patch and have it available in different colors to match your skin tone. That would make achieving a successful coverup less reliant on your make up skills.

The product has a few other issues as well. First, you have to be very, very careful with the patch application. The plastic film is so delicate and sticky that it can easily fold over on itself rendering it useless. That wouldn’t be a big deal except these things are so darn expensive. You only get six in a box and you don’t want to waste them. The good news is that after you’ve applied one or two you get the hang of it. Second, you have to make sure you keep pressure on the patch for a full 15 seconds while applying it. Otherwise it tends to come off when you pull away the applicator tab. Third, while the patch will stick for hours the makeup will easily smear long before then. That means you may have to reapply foundation to ensure your cold sore stays concealed.

This product is a brilliant idea for those who need for an emergency cover up, even though its execution has some issues. It’s unlikely that you’d wear this product for the entire duration of your cold sore (usually eight or 10 days) but it may be worthwhile to get a box of these and keep them stashed away just in case you do have to make that big presentation, attend a party, or even have your picture taken on the same day that you have a nasty flareup.

You can buy Abreva Conceal here: .

You should know that we were compensated for this post but all opinions are our own. 

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