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Thank you Tracey!

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm

Thank you again for this lovely award. I will have another think session before passing it on. I used to be so spontaneous, now I seem to think alot, far too much lol.
Tracey is a talented creative wonderfully artsy person who is a great/supportive mum to her daughter who suffers from Kidney disease and an Ileal conduit.
Check her out in the helpful links tab, to your right She is the mum of the gal with an Ileal Conduit. She is worth a good read:)
A thank you also to Fi's partner(who shall remain nameless) for chopping all my hair off.
I looked at myself in my Uni student card and nearly choked I looked completely foul, witch like.
My friend Sarah kidnapped me that day, before I could wash my hair.
It was greasy and string like. I have to wash my hair daily because it is so fine.
So I made the woman taking my photo do it again with my hair not tied up. The result was to horrible to define. I am closer to forty than thirty and having my hair in that condition was to me, aging, I would have made a great witch on 'Supernatural'.
I was about to do the chop myself before Fi and her partner came over for a visit.
I spoke of my intentions and he who shall not be named offered to cut my hair.
I told him about just a fraction over shoulder height will do, my hands moved the proposed length.
So he started, he asked if I would like it thickened underneath, yes sure I naively agreed. Then I sat, feeling the scissors on my neck just below my skull. I froze my heart raced and broke into a cold sweat. Snip snip, to late to protest.
Oh well I needed a change. It took a while for me to look in the mirror. I knew it was shooorrt.
The last time I had my hair that short was about 15 years ago.
Actually I was really happily surprised. He did a great job, the sweat dried up and I slowly got used to the hair. It looks thicker and tidier, and a Bob. My kids have not stopped harassing me though. My son said "Mum you look about 8", my daughter said I looked about 12. My older son who stays with me at weekends said things that I cant repeat on here, he is so charming:)
I tried to take a pic yesterday to put on here, oh it sooo did not work!
Talk about body dismorphic disorder through the Lens.
My god how distorting.
My camera is just the mobile camera, and hello I seemed to produce pics not far off from a crazy mirror room at a side show. So I gave up. Self esteem and confidence abandoned me then.
Fi came over later and explained the picture process which was helpful (thanks Fi ).
Taking pictures of inanimate things like my stoma is easy, the face is unforgiving(actually so is aging).
Off to Uni tomorrow, I have started on the distance learning modules and am enjoying them so far. Nervous about tomorrow though!
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