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Tennis Elbow Pain Refief

Posted Feb 18 2010 10:10pm

The pain caused due to an injury or damage in the forearm tendons is termed as tennis elbow. The causes of tennis elbow are strenuous sport activities. It may occur due to lifting heavy objects and doing a repetitive motion that injures the outside part of the elbow and results in pain. The strain in the muscle causes pain. Tennis elbow affects the outer part of the elbow. The people suffering from tennis elbow face difficulty in holding even the lighter objects such as the coffee cup. The pain may last for a period of 12 weeks. The pain may move down to the arm to the wrist and a person suffering from tennis elbow may have difficulty in straightening the hand completely due the damaged tendons. There are a number of ways to treat tennis elbow pain and prevent its reoccurrences. Stretching exercises are harmful as it might worsen the problem. To get immediate relief the sports cream containing capsaicin is beneficial. Tennis elbow is a painful disorder.

There are a number of medicines which relieve the pain caused due to tennis elbow. Incredible pain relief Premium is one of the medicines. It is helpful in relieving one from severe pain, is safe and has no side effects. A number of people have benefited by using the pain relief Premium. The glucosamine is a pain relief medicine and it gives relief to the person suffering with tennis elbow problem. It may aid to stop further joint damage. The other medicine is the Boswellia that is used to minimize the inflammation. This helps in reducing the morning stiffness and helps one in the mobility of the joints. There are some mild cases that can be cured by the medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen that is surely going to help one to reduce the pain caused due to inflammation in the elbow region.

Natural Remedies for Tennis Elbow

There are other Indian remedies to cure tennis elbow, like the turmeric, Ginger, White willow Bark, Ashwagandha. Ginger is helpful in relieving a person from chronic pain by reducing inflammation and lessening the body’s pain causing elements called prostaglandins. White Willow Bark is useful as it has properties to reduce the pain. The salicylic acid present in White Willow Bark helps in lessening the body’s levels of prostaglandins, hormone like compounds that are the causes for aches, pain and inflammation.

All of these remedies are definitely going to be beneficial and the person suffering from tennis elbow is definitely going to be comforted by using the above medications. Some of the remedies suggested above are natural anti inflammatory and have the properties which are surely going to reduce the burning pain and discomfort. These natural remedies have the properties that have a long term effect and have a long lasting calming effect.

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