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Tennis Elbow Massage Threapy

Posted Nov 02 2010 2:58am

Tennis elbow also known as Epicondylitis is defined as the pain in the lateral epicondyle. Lateral epicondyle is the outside part of the elbow. Tennis elbow is also known as the lateral epicondylitis. This injury is very common in the patients who are undergoing medical treatment for elbow pain. The cause for the tennis elbow is not known. The indication of tennis elbow in a person is that he experiences pain on the outer part of the elbow and it worsens if he holds some objects and then he raises back the wrist. The person who suffers from tennis elbow experiences a pain outside the elbow and gradually the pain along with tenderness is felt on or below the joints. Any type of movement such as lifting gripping and carrying becomes painful. The person who suffers tennis elbow experiences pain that lasts for 6-12 weeks and the pain lasts for around 3 weeks or the pain may last for several years.

There is a new type of treatment that has been found known as the massage therapy. Massage therapy is supposed to be advantageous if there are mild symptoms of tennis elbow. The massage therapy actually increases circulation to reduce the inflammation. Acupuncture and acupressure are the two techniques that have been beneficial. Massage is the process that involves the rubbing, kneading, tapping the body tissue with hands or there are certain specialized instruments that are designed for this. Massage helps in the reduction of tension in the muscles, eases stress and temporiliy relieves pain and this can help you to have a relaxed sleep. Massage therapy which is done in a correct manner can help in improving the movement of the joints, reduces the tension in the muscles, and helps in the flow of the blood and nutrients to the skin and its tissues.

The overuse of the arm is the cause for tennis elbow. Increase in the activity that overloads forearm muscles may result in a painful sensation. Tennis elbow is a recurring injury of the proximal forearm muscles. The medication prescribed for tennis elbow are the anti inflammatory medications and physical therapy. Till the pain and inflammation reduces, activities that involve a need for the usage of forearm for motion extensively should be prevented. Also, rest is essential after every wrist and forearm activity.

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