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Tennis Elbow Home Exercise Program

Posted Apr 29 2010 1:21pm

Tennis Elbow is a disorder that causes inflammation of the tendons present on the outer side of the elbow. These tendons are the fibers that connect the muscles to bones. The tendons are responsible for extending or lifting the wrist and hands. It normally occurs at the age of 30 to 50 and men as well as women are equally affected. The main targets of this disease are the people who are involved in the jobs, where forearm muscles are frequently used. It also affects sports persons involved in sports such as tennis, golf, swimming, throwing ball, etc. It also causes tiny damages on the elbow tendons due to which pain and tenderness occurs at the affected areas. The other common symptoms are pain at the outside of the elbow, pain due to lifting the things, pain in the forearm, swelling and burning sensation in the affected areas and difficulty in straightening the arm and fingers. Observing the symptoms as well as the X-rays, the tennis elbow can be detected.

Home treatment and exercises

One can follow certain easy methods that can decrease the pain and heal the tendon inflammation. A rehabilitation program that prevents further side effects and makes the muscles stronger can be recommended by the physician. The RICE principle is one of the most common suggestions by the physician severe cases. RICE means Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. Rest involves avoiding the activities that cause the elbow pain and soreness. It also involves giving rest to fingers, wrist and forearm muscles. Icing involves applying ice packs, cold packs or a bag of frozen peas on the affected area. This process reduces the inflammation slowing down the local metabolism and give relief from the pain and muscle spasm. Compress and Elevate to venous return and decrease swelling.

Other home remedies

If treated properly, the tennis elbow can be cured easily. Some of the home remedies include:

1) Zostrix from hot pepper can be wrapped around the elbow joint to reduce the pain.

2) Heat packs to comfort joints.

3) Potato pack made of warm and baked potatoes to prevent the pain.

4) Simple exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming, water aerobics, jogging and other aerobic methods can increase the blood circulation and hence, more oxygen to the injured tendons to heal them.

5) Certain stretching and strengthening exercise methods can help to restore the flexibility and strength minimizing further injury.

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