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TENA U-test – Revolutionary new way to detect urine infections

Posted Dec 03 2013 9:24am
TENA U-test is a brand new product that revolutionises testing for urine infections.  TENA U-test works by detecting the presence of nitrates and/or leucocytes in urine using a small patch placed in the incontinence pad. Results can be obtained just 15 minutes after urination and remain valid for up to 24 hours afterwards. This means that there needs to be no interruption to individual incontinence pad changing routines.

By sparing people the cumbersome routine of urine collection, comfort and dignity are improved whilst also significantly reducing the workload for carers.

To use simple remove from the TENA U-test from the packet, then apply Test card (adhesive side down) into a clean pad, before putting the individual puts the pad on as normal. Test results are available 15 minutes after urination takes place so you can follow normal changing routines and remove the TENA U-test at the next planned pad change. Pull out the blue strip to reveal the test card and the results can be read off the result card.


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