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Ten health tips to make you feel better now

Posted Dec 05 2011 3:01am
No preamble. Only fitness tips. Short and sweet. Big on benefits.

Take action on these right away!
  • Take a deep breath. Shrug your shoulders in a circle five times – a good way to get rid of tension and improve posture.
  • Extend yours arm in front of you and bring your hands up with your palms facing forward. Hold for 10 seconds. This can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Stop typing and do ten wrist curls on each side to loosen and strengthen your wrists.
  • Calf stretch: place the ball of one foot on a curb or step and let the heel drop; repeat for the other foot
  • Sit at the front of a chair. Lift one knee, extend your leg, bring it in, and put it down. Switch legs and do ten reps.
  • Give your ankles a mini-workout. Sit in a chair, keep your heels on the ground and tap your toes up and down for a minute.
  • Sit down, extend your legs and point your toes. Repeat 10 times.
  • Give your hands a break by straightening your arms in front of you, bend your wrists down and make fists. Hold for 10 second.
  • Exhale as you suck your stomach in for 15 seconds. It will improve posture and strengthen the muscles behind your abs.
  • Stand with arms by your side. Inhale, while standing on your toes, and raising your arms overhead. Exhale and release. This is a breathing and balance exercise.
  • Stay healthy!

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