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Technical Standards For Sonographers

Posted Feb 10 2010 7:09pm

Sonography involves taking the images of the regions in the body using the sound waves. These images are very useful for the diagnosis of many diseases. Howeverthe ultrasound waves are highly energetic and thereforethey may cause some tissue damage. Thereforethe sonographers have to be well trained and they have to maintain themselves up to the technical standards for sonographers.

As the sonography involves taking of the images in of the internal tissues of the bodythe technical standards for sonographers also include thatthey need to have at least some knowledge of the internal parts in the body. This is particularly important when the sonography has to be done by putting the transducer in the body. This process may be required during the surgery when the patient is unconscious.

Alternativelythis may be done during the consciousness of the patient through the openings in the body as the mouthetc. For this type of sonographytechnical standards for sonographers are still higher. Herein addition to the other technical standards for sonographersthey should have very good communication skills for communicating with the patient.

Then secondlyall the technical knowledge about the machine and the equipmentswhich are used in sonographyis also included in the technical standards for sonographers. They should have good knowledge about the controls and other systems in the sonographic machines. They should be able to provide the images with good view showing the target organs.

In addition to these technical standards for sonographersrelated to the knowledge base for the sonographysome physical standards are also essential in sonography.

They should be able to lift more than 50 pounds of weight with their hands. They should not have any problem as handicapsand therefore they should be able to use their arms and other parts of the body well. Thereforeaccordinglythey should be able to push and pull with their armsbend and stoop with their backstand and walk with the legsetc.

In addition to these technical standards for sonographersthey should have good vision and therefore view the results on the screen of the computerproperly. They should be able to distinguish between all the colors. They should have good stamina and patience and be able to stand and work with the patient with the sonographic equipments for a long time. They should be able to perform all the tests properly as per the requirements.

They should have a good and attractive personality. They should be able to establish good relations with the patientseven when they are not taking the images.

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