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Tea Olive

Posted Feb 23 2011 3:31pm
Wow, it is already February 23rd, this months has gone by very fast, and I cannot believe that it has been 25 days since my last update. We got back from Denmark two days ago after a really nice trip, well apart from the weather that is, there is a reason why I live in Florida. We spent most of the week with family, friends, and shopping. I finally got the meet the two little additions to the family, Clara and Julius. Clara was ten months old Yesterday, and Julius is 10 months old today, yes, they have separate birthdays even though they are twins. I was intrigued by the way the two of them have such different personalities, Clara is a beautiful little princess that loves to "talk" and just look at, and touch your face, she even shared her cookie with me. Julius is a little "devil" he crawls around at lightning speed and you really need to keep an eye on him and he gets into everything he can. They also look totally different, but yet very much alike. Julius is a carbon copy of my grandfather and of my brother. Clara looks like a combination of Laura (her beautiful mom), and me when I was a baby. Their older brother, Jaron, is a trip, he has definitely changed since we saw him a year ago at CHristmas. He is such a great boy, and I just loved spending time with him. I will miss all of them.

It is, however, good to be back in Tallahassee. The main reason is.... the weather, I cannot believe how beautiful it is. I am sitting on the patio smelling the tea olive, wondering how it managed to grow about a foot in ten days. Two years ago it didn't even reach my shoulders, today it is way over my head. There are blooming daffodils all over the neighborhood. I think this might be the beginning of the long awaited spring. It is also great to be back in the pool, I have been such a slacker due to the weather, I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't stiff or sore at all when I went this morning. I picked up where I was two weeks ago.

While home, I got a lot of compliments on how I am doing with my MD, several people said that they thought I was doing much better physically than I was a year ago. It really made me feel good as I don't see it myself, I just keep going and going, and every time a little progress is made I either don't notice, or get greedy and want more. I still don't understand how I can exercise as much as I do, and not be able to run a marathon, or climb a mountain.


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