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Taking it easy

Posted Sep 01 2011 10:12pm
After a gruelling night of sleeplessness and pain, I wasn't too jolly waking up early for my hospital appointment and bloods this morning.  With mums help I was able to be ready and we double checked I had all the blood box info and all my medications to take after the bloods were done.  After 50 minutes, I was able to give a little trickle of blood that can be sent off for the tacrolimus levels to be aggregated.

Blood gases, spirometry was complete and then I saw my consultant and shared my concerns about this rejection episode.  There is concern about my wrists as could be indicative of a rare bone reaction so I have had some x rays today and will get the results next week.

I have been feeling pretty odd today like I think lacking sleep is now making me 'zonk' at any opportunity and I am happy for this to happen if it means my eye lids will shut for more than a few minutes.  There was a lot of zonking and head nodding whilst the porters wheeled me around to each department today.  Being so heavily immunosuppressed it was important that I wasn't in the lab or waiting room too long as was an extremely busy clinic today.

On the way home I must have crashed again as the next thing I knew I was being woken up to make my way indoors. Mum settled me in and I made my way to bed to watch an episode of Luther series 1 on DVD.  It was nice to just lie back and indulge, escape for a while from all the talk of being unwell and medications.  The sun was bursting into my room.  Usually I would muster the energy to get outside and enjoy the nice weather but today I was more than happy to draw down my blackout blinds to improve the visual quality in the room and just let the minutes roll.

Ouch!  A rather swollen unhappy wrist :-(

There seems to be a collection of fluid seen on the sonography machine

Week 2 and its driving me insane!!
It's time I sort myself for bed and medications for this evening which are mainly pain relief.  Much needed to get me through the night.  Sweet dreams everyone!
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