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Taking control

Posted Aug 27 2011 12:00am
All week I have endured awful pain in my lower arms and wrists.  As usual, I don't have swollen ankles or abdomen like most people would with an odema .  This is basically when water get trapped in the tissues causing swelling.  It can be indicative of the heart not working properly.  This is what happened to me when I had heart failure diagnosed in May 2009.  Sometimes its related directly to medication.  Now I feel secure as to what's happening, I figure that a slight increase to furosemide will help me out.  Luckily I have the OK to change my dose between 20mg and 40mg once a day so I will see how I get on tomorrow.  I did a little googling and found some great info from a trusted site.  It has some tips on how to deal with this without medication intervention.  Here's the link for anyone interested.  A lot of it is common sense once you know what the likely cause is.

Taking control is very important to me. I can't sit back and just let things happen.  But I realise that I need to sometimes not fight, ride the wave and get to the calmer waters in good time.  Today my lovely friend Dan came and collected me for a quick pop into town.  She kindly shopped for me during the week and then we slowly went to three shops and back to the car.  We hadn't walked far and took plenty of stops.  She's such a star, so patient with me.  Nothing was a problem.  It was a lovely effortless venture out, dipping my toe into the world.  Being so heavily immunosupressed I have to be ultra cautious.  But with a bit of common sense and planning I think its still possible to enjoy the things you like.  I mean, I can't tell you the last time I went shopping in a mall on a Saturday.  Its way too crowded and when there's 6 other days in the week that are quieter, why bother?

I know that I have a very special gift and that I plan to continue enjoying my life in every way that I can.  But I need to keep remembering not to over plan.   Spoon theory works when I actually draw it out in a book but I'm thinking of actually making some and laminate them. Then I can use a dry wipe pen and can physically move them around!! Great that's my first project in the morning.

Just before I try and get some sleep can you spare a reflective thought for all those people, right now waiting for a life saving transplant.
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