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Take medical history to the doctor's office

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:17am 1 Comment

Take medical history to the doctor's office: "How many times have you shown up for a doctor's appointment and been handed a stack of multicolored double-sided forms to fill out?
You scan the information and realize that you don't remember when you had your tonsils out or the name of the medicine that caused you to break out in hives five years ago. You soldier on, filling in the blanks as best you can, hoping that your memory lapses won't come back to haunt you. Having complete and accurate records for everyone in your family isn't just a nice thing to have, it's essential."
This is why a web-based PHR ( personal health record) makes so much sense ! ( And if your family members have their own PHRs, then it's that much easier to complete your own family medical history reliably.)

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you have point there.   A web based PHR looks very necessary.  We all know that health is very important to us...We are very concern of the health of our family.  Even doctors should have a web based PHR.Right.  If we have a PHR we could immedietely cure one's health..  Another thing, doctor's will not so be busy if it is a web based..He has time washing his meta lab coats...LOL..just kidding..Thanks for the information...I learned a lot.

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