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Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Posted Sep 14 2008 1:28pm

Came across this great list of possible symptoms people experience with a TBI. I think TBIs are more prevalent than anyone realizes. Since the diagnosis, AND wonderful recovery I have experienced from my own longstanding TBI, I have taken to asking people with chronic health issues about accidents they have had in their past. It is uncanny the number of people who realize that many, or most of their symptoms started within a few weeks to months after some sort of car or sports injury.

TBI's are gaining a LOT of attention in the military because so many soldiers in Iraq have been injured in this way. The body armor they wear helps them survive a blast, but their head gets hurt anyway. They look OK but within weeks they start experiencing these symptoms. The military docs are getting really good at looking for this injury now. What about all the docs here in the states after someone has had some sort of bad blow to the head, been in an accident etc. AND then start experiencing weird symptoms a month or two after the injury? Docs here need to be on the alert with anyone with some sort of chronic condition that just does not yield to a quick fix.

Check out my whole story here.

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