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Symptoms And Treatment Of Consumption Disease

Posted Apr 05 2012 10:05pm

Although it has not been a hearty disease as in the past, Consumption disease is still extremely dangerous and has existed for centuries. Infectious bacteria cause Consumption disease, or Tuberculosis, as it is more commonly known. This disease is spread through body fluids by way of the air, and can be transmitted through a sneeze or cough. It is hard to destroy Consumption disease and it requires hospitalization and long-term treatment with medications. Those who live in or travel to third world countries may be more vulnerable to developing this disease. Even though this disease is more common in third world countries, it does not differentiate one from another. Symptoms · Night sweats · Fever · Chronic coughing To help prevent the spread of this disease, cover you mouth when coughing, wash you hands and protect yourself against another person’s body fluids. To lessen an individual’s chance of developing Consumption disease, there are vaccines available; as well as vaccines to help exterminate the harmful bacteria, which causes this disease.

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