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Swollen Lymph Nodes in Armpit & Exhaustion

Posted by Winter1980

This is the third time I've experienced swollen lymph nodes in my armpit (always the same one) and I'm exhausted beyond belief.  My eyes feel as though they weigh 10lbs.  I force myself to stay awake to care for my children, I could fall asleep at any point (at least that is the feeling).  The swollen lymph nodes always occur in the left armpit and are painful for the first day afterwhich point they are no longer painful unless squeezed or they rub against a shirt.  Can anyone tell me what is going on with me.  I gone to my doctor he simply said that it's some type of infection and to just go home.  I've had another doctor take a look and he did an ultrasound and stated it was just an infection and to go home.  However it keeps reocurring and the exhaustion is well annoying to say the least especially when I'm home with my three children ranging in age from 9 to 3 while my husband is at work.  Any help as to whats going on with me would be great. 
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