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Swine flu, Whine flu....

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm
Everything is such a contradiction regarding swine flu that I'm growing bored. The real issue is that they are in panic type mode because they aren't sure what they really are dealing with, I mean what do you expect when you mess around with nature guys I mean COME ON?
The officials say on one hand, that it could escalate in the next couple of weeks as more cases come through due to general public exposure based on past experiences of pandemic type viruses and that the death toll could raise dramatically and it is transferred from person to person.
On the other hand they are saying everything is good and great if you haven't been to the U.S or Mexico, and that you wont have swine flu if you haven't been there. This is where the contradiction comes in is. In our case we have had effected people visiting malls, and public places, so if you catch the flu via them isn't it swine flu?
Doesn't transmission from person to person mean you may be infected? Or do you have to have travelled. *Big hand up* WHATEVER. What one is it folks, transmitted human to human regardless of travel or not, are you telling us we need a passport with a Travel Visa in it to catch it? *yawn*...
We have decided to send my daughter up North tonight. The good news is the ex is working in the heart of the most affected area and most medical staff are not seeing this as an issue, so we have relaxed. We both didn't want to shoulder the guilt of exposing our daughter to the virus by flying, but now we are more certain she will be safe. People may have thought we were over reacting, yet would you purposely expose your kid to a load of people with a potentially harmful virus of any kind?
They say its affecting healthy young adults the most, due to an over active immune response they kinda drop dead. Yet people with chronic illnesses must be extra vigilant, due to their lowered immunity. Now that's confusing.
As a person with a chronic illness, I already have an infection I am struggling with.
Amy would understand this, you really don't need anything extra on top of it.
The ex and I joked last night that my Klebsiella /E- coli would have a field day fighting with any virus.
It would be party time down at the hood with each busting out its individual crumping moves trying to bust out the other.
The swine/bird/human concoction would never know what hit it! I'm thinking my well established bacteria all happy in their hood will kick any viruses arse back to Compton Town. If it didn't, I would have to end my happy relationship with my life sucking bacterias arses with some A. Bs (not that it would work because of Mr Stoner taking up residence in my bladder).
Yes a virus is a virus, and we all are at risk of viruses every year. A few years back I had influenza B topped with a lovely dose of Whooping cough, while sporting a U.T.I.
I survived, never went to hospital. The worst was the whooping cough, that really sucked..
We are in fact more at risk right now from Measles where 26 cases have been confirmed already.
Welcome winter we are embracing you....
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