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Swine Flu (H1N1) Vaccine: 1976 Redux?

Posted Jul 15 2009 6:34pm
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
- George Santayana, Reason in Common Sense, The Life of Reason, Vol.1

Hi everyone. Publishing is a bit sporadic these days, but swine flu (H1N1) vaccine has me all riled up.

Below is a video of the 60 Minutes episode about the failure of the 1976 swine flu vaccination. It's Mike Wallace Gotcha Journalism at its best! Wallace investigates why the vaccine caused neurological damage in 4,000 people and killed hundreds. The swine flu never took off.

Here is an excerpt where Wallace interrupts the former director of the CDC regarding whether or not there were actually confirmed cases of swine flu, and about the lack of vaccine testing - a fact that was covered up.

WALLACE: Dr David Sencer, then head of the CDC - the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta - is now in private industry. He devised the swine flu program and he pushed it.

You began to give flu shots to the American people in October of '76?

DR SENCER: October 1st.

WALLACE: By that time, how many cases of swine flu around the world had been reported?

DR SENCER: There had been several reported, but none confirmed. There had been cases in Australia that were reported by the press, by the news media. There were cases in -

WALLACE: None confirmed? Did you ever uncover any other outbreaks of swine flu anywhere in the world?


WALLACE: Now, nearly everyone was to receive a shot in a public health facility where a doctor might not be present, therefore it was up to the CDC to come up with some kind of official consent form giving the public all the information it needed about the swine flu shot. This form stated that the swine flu vaccine had been tested. What it didn't say was that after those tests were completed, the scientists developed another vaccine and that it was the one given to most of the 46 million who took the shot. That vaccine was called "X-53a". Was X-53a ever field tested?

DR SENCER: I-I can't say. I would have to -

WALLACE: It wasn't

DR SENCER: I don't know

WALLACE: Well, I would think that you're in charge of the program

DR SENCER: 1 would have to check the records. I haven't looked at this in some time.

WALLACE: The information form the consent form was also supposed to warn people about any risk of serious complications following the shot. But did it?

ROBERTS: No, I had never heard of any reactions other than a sore arm, fever, this sort of thing.

Later in the segment, Wallace interviews Mary Tyler Moore, who the CDC claimed got the flu shot. They said so in ads to persuade the public that the shot was perfectly safe. She says she didn't get it.

Here is the transcript, courtesy of Age of Autism.

Here is the video -- email subscribers please click through to Med Nauseum Blog to watch

Now, consider a couple more pieces of information that might make you question this year's swine flu vaccine.

Efficacy: According to the British Medical Journal and the conservative Cochrane group that performed meta-analyses of all flu shot studies, the seasonal flu shot has NEVER WORKED, even in children, asthmatics, and the elderly, sub-groups they specifically studied. The results have been reported widely, including in the New York Times.

The Cochrane group found that if you are vaccinated for a flu that is circulating (see below) and you get infected with that strain, you will be sick 4 HOURS less than if you didn't get the seasonal flu shot. Do we really think in this special case - where the swine flu vaccine was developed in a fire drill situation - that the CDC has a higher chance of making a working flu vaccine?

Virus-Vaccine Match and Mutations: If this year's swine flu virus is mutating as fast as authorities say it is, how will the vaccine match the circulating swine flu virus? The WHO guesses in January which seasonal flu might be circulating in October. They get it wrong at least half the time, issuing a vaccine for a non-circulating virus. (Sorry, can't find my citation for this right now, but the data are less than reassuring.) Again, could the match possibly be better for swine flu?

Don't forget the following natural and easy things are great for flu prevention:
  • Having an adequate level of Vitamin D in your blood ( See Vitamin D Council )
  • Taking probiotics
  • Avoiding the great white carbs (sugar, white flour, white rice, and potatoes). Just keep your glycemic index low with each snack and meal.
  • Avoiding antacids, which reduce stomach acid, and in turn reduce your stomach's ability to neutralize bacteria and viruses. A recent study showed that patients taking antacids had a much higher rate of bacterial pneumonia compared to those not taking those drugs. Note: most people who die from the flu die from a secondary bacterial infection in the lungs.... bacterial pneumonia. This is why the death rate from the 1918 flu was so high - we did not yet have antibiotics.
Take heed. Watch your back. Or, that is, your arm.
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