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Survival of the Mind

Posted Mar 08 2013 8:09am
I am not sure where to start as so much to write about this time round. From updating on my 30 day Paleo food challenge, and an All Day BootCamp I participated in, a recent hospital check up, and a fitness challenge in conjunction with the 30 days of paleo.

Phew deep breathe and let me begin.....

Me, "I wish I could be like everyone else" to Lisa (fitness instructor at EBC), " are, you work to your body's max ability". Just feeling a little down when partaking in a recent all day bootcamp event and seeing everyone run faster and way ahead of me, and able to breath and run continuously. On Sunday, 24th February I took part in a challenge at Bentwaters R.A.F to test my mind and fitness.
Essex BootCamp all Day event 9am-4pm
I know, I have done many crazy things but not endured a day of full on fitness. I have been very excited leading up to the build up of this, and also anxious as to how my body will cope for the whole day. I am NOT a quitter as most people know, yet, I also need to be sensible and listen to my body when enough is enough. On the morning on arrival to say I was crapping myself an understatement! Massive thanks to Mike and Judit who collected me at 7am (there is no way I could have driven home after, due to complete exhaustion - so was very grateful). Alarm was set for 6am, but, I had little sleep and woke up to delightful bags under my eyes and continued my morning with porridge and decaf coffee (real coffee once the road trip began).

I wasn't going to pay attention to the paleo/eat clean today, as was more concerned I got enough calories in me and for my health. Thankfully, the instructors were encouraging this too, and I tasted a flapjack being passed around in the morning.

The first part of the morning was a timed mile circuit...hahahahaha...I was thinking how long have you got? When, James (EBC instructor/director) said for me to start the opposite way and as soon as I see someone to run back again. Phew. Stop start stop start, breathing, breathing, start and beamed smile of relief as I saw Mike and then turned back to finish. Followed by a minute of press ups, sit ups, and maybe something else (can't remember now), to see how many we could do in a minute. Think I did 20 press ups, and 17 sit ups in a minute - not much compared to other people - but working to my ability.

Then team tasks running up/down bunkers and doing more exercises, OMG, running hard enough for me - but even when roads steep, but, an upright bunker...........yer yer I was a red faced flushed almost tango-ed puffed up Jussie! Also adding to this, carrying logs and doing various exercises with these to.

V-sit a killer 

running with Lisa EBC instructor

Two teams were split into carrying equipment:- tyres, sandbags, heavy ruck sacks and cans weighing heaven only knows and other bits to carry a distance and assemble and fire at a landmark. Then repeat, repeat, repeat......oh lalalala. Then next task, being covered in camouflage make-up  some ladies had Glynn (instructor/director) with his fingers over their faces..why not mine, hahahaha.......perhaps not me thinks ;) Then hiding in the woods and it was commented upon that I would be like a beacon, but, I wasn't found first! I laid down on the ground behind some bushes and when I was finally noticed I definitely was camouflaged up as my hair resembled a twig/leaf/nettled/leaf head which I pulled all the pieces out to become Red......

Whilst one team were finding some of us in the woods, the other group were doing a stretcher run task. Thankfully I had a couple of goes lying down whilst being transported with other people carrying me - I closed my eyes and shouted words of encouragement. RED is my nickname in bootcamp as in Red Fraggle from Fraggle Rock

never fear the handsome men are here ;)

fell over as charged through the tyres
Fruit and Nut bar - no sugar 

lamb chop, parsnip chips, spinach, guacamole

pork goujons coated in mixed seeds/coconut/piri piri seasoning

homemade burgers,sweet potato mash,beansprouts/salad
sweet potato rosti's with onion/red pepper, burger, egg, veggies

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