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Surgery With No Scars

Posted Dec 12 2010 12:00am

In the late 1980′s the field of surgery took a huge leap forward with the development of Laparoscopic Surgery. Procedures which required 6-inch incisions and stays of multiple days in the hospital, began being performed through three or four tiny incisions no bigger than 1.5 cm. Hospital stays, recovery times, and costs went down dramatically. Today Laparoscopic Surgery has become the mainstay of treatment for many surgical conditions, and surgeons continue to search for ways to make their interventions less invasive while providing greater benefits to their patients.

 The Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgical procedure– or SILS™ procedure as it is more commonly referred to– represents the latest technological advancement in the field of minimally invasive surgery. The SILS™ procedure replaces the three to four incisions required by standard laparoscopic surgeries with just one 2-cm incision made in the belly button. Three laparoscopic trocars can then be placed using a specially made, flexible SILS™ Port which fits snugly through the belly button incision. This allows surgeons to use up to three laparoscopic devices simultaneously during surgery through one single incision. Newer, flexible laparoscopic instruments have been created specifically for use with the SILS™ Port. These provide surgeons with manueverability and optimal access to the target tissue through a single access point. The benefits to patients include the virtual elimination of visible scars, along with the post-operative pain associated with multiple points of entry with regular laparoscopic surgery.

The SILS™ procedure can be applied to numerous procedures including gallbladder, hernia, appendix, and colon surgery, making it a highly viable option for many people in need of surgery.


Find out if you are a Candidate for the SILS™ Procedure

The SILS™ procedure is a technically challenging one, and there are a limited number of surgeons who routinely perform the procedure. Dr. Zadeh is one of the few surgeons in the San Fernando Valley who performs this procedure for certain surgical conditions. Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery is not appropriate for everyone. In some patients, conversion to a standard laparoscopic or open procedure may be required. During your consultation and examination, Dr. Zadeh will determine if you are eligible to have your procedure performed via a SILS™ technique.

For more information on the SILS™ procedure, please visit  or contact the office.

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