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Surgery Info - Support Thanks

Posted Jun 25 2009 1:59pm
Just to say hello to everybody, and thank everybody, especially those on the Facebook page (I think you may need to register on Facebook to see this page)that my friend Ousmanou Yacoubou has created to support my efforts.

I am grateful to him and the so many of my childhood friends, some of whom I had lost touch with for more than a decade who rushed to do practical things to make things better for me.

I am thinking of Fabrice Tenga, Yves Fotso, Claude Tadonki, Eric Sile, and many others

I am also grateful to people that I did not know who stood up for me. I am thinking of Erin & Mary Anastasi, Beth Williams , and many others too numerous to name

Thanks for your comforting words, prayers and actions. They have truly made a difference for me.
I had my latest surgery on Tuesday 06/09 in Beijing, China at Chuiyangliu Hospital. It lasted for eight hours, a combination of 4 operations.
- I had one operation to transfer abdominal muscles to my quadriceps. If this succeeds I will someday be able to lift my leg upwards or climb stairs without aid. It is too early to say any thing about it. I just know right now that my abs hurt from having muscles poached from it. This operation is what makes Prof. Qin so unique to me. Every time I suggested such a surgery to a physician in the US or Europe, they dismissed me as if was insane.
- I had one operation to remove nails from my tibia bones from the previous surgery.
- I had one operation to further correct mild talipes equinus (foot bent forward) on my foot
- I had one operation to further eliminate knee contractures that remained despite 2 years intense physical therapy

I am still bed stricken but my room was specially wired to allow me to use the internet from my bed. It helps keep me somewhat busy.

I have a 4 Gigabite size recording of the essential parts of the surgery that prof Qin kindly provided to me. I think it can teach a lot to many in need and I will post some of it when practically possible.

This blog is currently blocked in China for reasons I do not know and I am making this post using a very cumbersome proxy.
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