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Supress Your Junk Food Urges

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:31pm

Shopping for food these days can be a difficult task. With all the items positioned in the shop to look like you need to have them, facing the tantrum of your toddler when you say they can’t have a sweetie and repressing the urge to do a student shop and bung in a Pot Noodle, breadsticks and a jar of pickles.

To help you all with your weekly shop, here’s a list of things to remember, starting appropriately enough with;

Make a List

Before you set foot out the door, plan what you actually want to get. It means you’ll control your budget and won’t get bored half way round aisle six.

Try not to shop if you’re hungry

If I’m hungry when I go shopping, I always end up buying snack foods and stuff I just don’t need. If you must get junk food, remember that although those cakes only have 100 calories, when you pig out on three or four of them you’re looking at 400 calories and buying a gym membership.

Don’t be fooled

Yes, those cakes I just mentioned may well have nice packaging but remember – they are still cakes. Companies spend millions on marketing their products to look pretty and appealing, just remember they won’t pay your medical bill when you get heart disease from eating too much junk.

Get what you want

If you want to get a high fibre product like bread, you should ensure that the words “whole grain” or “100 percent whole wheat” is written on the label. If the product is simply labelled wheat, it may not contain whole grains. The same goes for sugar. “No sugar added” sounds great, but check what natural sugars are already in the product – otherwise get the phonebook out and give your dentist a call.

Don’t fidget at the till point

A good technique for stopping wandering hands reaching for ‘impulse items’ keep a couple of items from your basket in your hands until you get to the sales assistant.

All in all, a bit of common sense when you’re shopping is all that’s required. Stick to your budget, your plan and you might make it through in one slender, nutritionally balanced piece.

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Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 12:34 pm
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