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"Super Bugs"

Posted Sep 17 2010 6:48am

I was reading an article here:

The author suggests that "superbugs" are seemingly held in certain areas and not others.  These "superbugs" are all held some where and from there spread throughout the world.  I would like to offer some ideas on this topic.  First off, the USA is less than 1% of the world's population yet we consume over 50% of the world's drugs(1).  From this I conclude that the USA would have to take the most antibiotics in the world.  So why would a "superbug" develop in a country that takes less medications than the USA?  It doesn't make sense.  Bacteria cannot become immune to something they have not been exposed to.  The most likely place for "superbugs" to develop is right here in the USA.

When I was doing my doctorate work at Logan College of Chiropractic, in St. Louis, MO, a couple of classmates of mine where able to capture a "superbug" from the gym lockers!  Yes, they cultured MRSA from the gym lockers.  The question I ask to our friends at  Time Magazine  is, if MRSA is sitting in the gym lockers and it is a small school that promotes laying on of hands for healing, how come there was not a higher prevalence of MRSA infections at Logan College?  What is one common denominator that all the students and facility of in common?  They all get adjusted on a regular basis!  Am I saying that getting adjusted prevents you from getting infections?  No.  I am saying that it has to lower your susceptibility to getting an infection.  The numbers don't lie.  Thousands of students have went through the school in the past years without an infection!

If adjusting can help prevent it, what can help cure it if you happen to get an infection?  My friends also did that part of the studying once cultured.  They found that colloidal silver worked best for killing MRSA.  Better than any other antibiotic they could find.  Colloidal silver works best in infrequent uses and only when need.  Not any other time and not daily.

Another idea for killing "superbugs" would be a combination of enzymes.  Enzymes work naturally with the body and are the body's immune system.  This will be discussed further in future writings.

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