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Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm
I know it's summer. I know that people have things to do right after work and they can't always get to the pharmacy on time. But twenty minutes after closing, give me a break. I know, what am I doing in the pharmacy 20 minutes after closing...filling orders for the buttmunch who walked in as I was closing the gates with an order from the ER. As long as I haven't returned the register to the service center, the service center people think that I am happily filling prescriptions. "Just go back and knock on the door, the pharmacist is still here". I swear the people that work at the customer service desk hate me.

But that leads to the even larger discussion of responsibility. Not mine, but the patient's personal responsibility. When did it become my problem that your thyroid med is out of refills. On the label it says "May refill 2 times by May 5, 2007" or "No refills- physician authorization required". Don't sit there and give me a freakin sob story that you didn't know, the #$@% label has said that for the last 30 days. I didn't send the little pharmacy gnomes (thanks Pharmer Jane ) out to your house last night to change the label.

"But Pharmacy God, I live 8 miles away, and gas is so expensive". Tough lady, I drive here every day to listen to idiots like you whine. Here's a thought, read your friggin' label. If it says no refills, call your doctor a few days before you run out of med. "Holy spit Pharmacy God, you mean to take responsibility for myself?"

It's a good thing that my store doesn't allow employees to conceal and carry.
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