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Sugar For Those Sweet Memories-Come on over sugar!

Posted May 16 2009 10:09pm
Hey sugar, sugar.......

As I have gotten older I have noticed that sometimes I tend to be more forgetful than I have been in the past. I have always attributed it to a combination of things such as being busy, age and just my general personality. Now there is some good news as one of my favorite things in the world-sugar- has been shown in recent studies to improve memory in elderly people. Now as much as I love sugar I also know that it must be eaten in moderation or can wreak havoc on our bodies so as good as this is just remember not to go out and eat and eat lots of sugary cakes and candies.

According to my book Nature’s Prescriptions, a recent study showed the effects of sugar on elderly people’s memory. The test was done early in the morning before anyone had eaten breakfast. One group drank a glass of lemonade and the other group drank a glass of lemonade with saccharin. Researchers found that the group who had drank the sugary drink performed better on memory tests a short time later.

In a related study, people who ate sugar just after reading something remembered it better a day later than those taking saccharin. Researchers aren ’t sure how sugar works in the the brain to enhance memory but just know that it does. I cannot stress the importance of eating sugar in moderation as sugar is a big culprit in raising insulin levels which then tells our body to store fat. Don’t forget that sugar can be found in even the most unsuspecting of places like ketchup, spaghetti sauce, bread and even noodles amongst others. Reading labels and watching how much and where you get your sugar from can keep you healthy and bringing back those sweet memories!!
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