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Suddenly Stomach is Bloating

Posted by sukal

I ate lots of bean sprouts and nuts two weeks ago. I had gastric issues. I was also mastrubating little bit more than usual ( ~10 times last two weeks).  Since end of last week I'm having a bloated stomach. I can feel heaviness, I burp after eating or drinking anything. I have constant sensation of sorts in the stomach. It is definetely a unusal bulking feeling in the stomach.

I go to the bathroom as usual. little bit difficult but not a problem.

I drank Fennel seed tea 3 days, and took some tums. Today I started to take Simethecone product Phazyme. Not seeing any relief yet. I feel sensations on the left side of the stomach.

do i need to see a Doc urgently??

Any help is apprecaited.


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