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sudden bruising with severe pain and tenderness, can not stand on or walk

Posted by sylviakurtz

a bruise appeared then grew larger. severe pain especially with standing or walking. very tender to touch, swelling and the bruise has grown larger with in a few days time.  no memory of injury to the area, unexplain as to cause..

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actually no it hasn't, it's my fiance and he is in Australia right now and I just don't trust the care he is getting there .. i am in the states and not able to be with him and i need some ideas, waiting is killing me and the medical system over there is much different than here in the states .. i am so worried that this is much more serious than the doctors over there are treating it .. if anyone has any ideas please help .. i have read and read and just can't find anything that makes sense .. and until he can get back here to the states i can only depend on the doctors there to get on the ball...

he was seen last week and given antibyotics which did seem to help with the swelling and such, but he tried going to work today and by the night was in a lot of pain and the area is swelling again . please help me i need some ideas .. 


I hope this has been answered already. See your doctor.

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